The Benefits of Twin Walled Insulated Flues

Twin wall insulated flue systems are the perfect choice for both existing or new build projects, they provide a simple and effective solution for properties without a chimney flue, or where you want the wood burner or gas fire in a location away from the original chimney stack thus removing smoke and gases from your stove or fireplace. Here at Sooty & Sweeps we offer a variety of products related to twin wall flue systems, ensuring that you can find the right system for your projects requirements. We are a family run business that has been installing rigid chimney systems and flues for over 30 years, our dedication to our customers and our engineers skills have earned us accreditations with many high quality training companies. Our excellent customer service and high quality products have ensured that our customers constantly return to us for their products/services, and have earned us a reputation for being a trusted supplier.

If you are installing a new heating appliance such as a log burning stove, coal stove or an oil boiler, you will possibly need a twin wall flue system (dependent on the location of the stove in your house, and especially if you do not have an existing chimney stack). A twin wall system can be constructed to produce a safe way for smoke and poisonous gases to escape your home without the need for a chimney. These double walled flues are suitable for construction indoors and outdoors, they can be used to pass through floors, walls and roofs. They are waterproof, heatproof and resistant to corrosion, meaning they will keep your home warm and dry for years to come. Additionally, since these products are prefabricated in a variety of different sizes, you simply need a mix of different shape and size components for them to all fit together based on the design of your house.


When installing a rigid twin flue system, the design should be kept as straight as possible and avoiding any unnecessary bends, this is to ensure a constant upward draft of escaping gases as bends can create a potential fire hazard. The flue systems Sooty & Sweeps uses are HETAS approved high grade stainless steel with a simple push-fit joint system which ensures that installation is quick and painless. Our flue systems come in a variety of sizes and we will be able to identify what sizes are needed based on the size and output of your stove or wood/coal/oil burner, this means you get the exact system that fits your personal requirements.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a chimney, you can still find the perfect solution for your home. Whatever type of flue you need, we are here to offer the best solution possible for you. An experienced engineer will carry out a site survey, discuss your requirements and let you know all the options available to you. We can also provide you with a computer generated drawing of your new chimney system. If you have any questions regarding a twin walled flue system, please call our London office on 0207 971 1242, or our Kent office on 01843 639 624 and one of our well informed staff will be happy to help you. Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form by going through to our contact page. As soon as we receive your message we will ring you at an appropriate time decided by you.

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