Chimney Sweep in Chelsea

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Sooty and Sweeps is a highly reputable chimney sweep service based in Chelsea, London. We offer a comprehensive range of chimney cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. The team at Sooty and Sweeps are all highly trained and experienced, ensuring that every job is completed to the highest standard possible.

Our services include chimney sweeping, chimney repairs, and smoke tests to ensure that your chimney is working efficiently and safely. We use the latest equipment and techniques to remove any blockages or buildup of soot or creosote in your chimney, helping to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sooty and Sweeps in Chelsea also provide a full inspection service, which allows us to identify any potential problems with your chimney or flue system. This can be especially important for older properties where the chimney may not have been regularly maintained.

Sooty and Sweeps is a highly professional and reliable chimney sweep service in Chelsea that is committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring the safety and efficiency of your chimey.